The Maker Behind BILLOO

I have been very fond of textile and fibre arts from a young age. My earliest creative inspiration comes from watching my mom and sister sew as a child. I still remember the way I felt, way back then, as I eagerly gathered up the remnants from their projects to sew outfits for my dolls.

Having a creative outlet has continued to accompany me like a good friend all my life. Although, it seems as though I've been searching for a special direction that has only more recently come into focus.
Something started to shift for me when I became a new mother and took two years off from my day-job to spend time with my newborn son. During this time, I began reworking some doll patterns I had made a few years ago. My plan was to design a more simple doll that I could start and finish during one of my son's naps. I absolutely did not succeed in this plan or get anywhere close, but instead what happened was, I gave into my desire for detail.
So for now, I can see myself creating dolls for days and this makes me happy and I hope you see something here that puts a smile on your face.
Billoo Boutique